Here is what we can do together…

As a family we understand our calling to multiply our efforts and talents for the Kingdom’s cause, that’s why we decided to found our own non-profit faith-based mission organization in Lexington, SC. It is called World Nations International. We aim to fight hunger and poverty through sustainable agriculture & community development projects as a platform to do ministry among unreached people groups worldwide.

We believe it is very important to help nationals become self-sutainable. By equipping them with various types of business as mission platforms their dependency on the western world is broken. Our work model starts with giving back dignity for men to work with their hands, produce food, create job opportunities, sustain their households and also create relationships for ministry and bible study groups.  As “animal experts” we believe the concept Agribusiness as Mission (AgriBaM) is a really effective platform for ministry in developing countries and between unreached people groups.
We want to thank each of you that are supporting our ministry. 

Matt & Bettina